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The basic FAT+ effect is 3-band compressor / extreme level limiter / soft echo.
From this point you can set additional parameters like:
– Digital/Analog: select the type of processing
– Gain: set the level where the saturation effect starts
– Threshold: the ratio at which the compressor starts
– Saturation: enable or disable the saturation
– Release: set the level of the additional cutoff
– Attack/Decay: set the attack / decay time of the compressor / limiter
– Clipping threshold: the amount of attenuation for clipping
– Ratio: how much the overall level of the signal will be limited

Turning on “Saturation” makes FAT+ behave as a classic analog tube saturation, where the levels are attenuated, until the mixer’s console level control is reached. After that the signal is saturated – the entire level range of the mixer control is cut and compressed.
Turning “Ratio” to a higher value makes FAT+ act like a soft analogue “gates” compressor – the control is clipped so that there are no more than the current value of the control’s maximum level.
An even higher Ratio reduces the level of the entire signal, so that only a small portion of it remains and the rest is attenuated.
The time signal takes to pass through FAT+ is set by the attack and decay time values of the compressor. FAT+ in this case behaves like an old analog tape saturator with a very fast and hard cut-off.

To achieve the most precise result, FAT+ internal oversampling is set to 4x, so that for example the level of the signal, not just the overall level of the mixer control, is limited.

Apart from the typical high level compressor / level limiter / soft echo effect, FAT+ also offers a smooth saturation and level limiting with no artifacts. Its compressor and limiter are set to use variable attack and release times, so that they can process different types of signals. FAT+ offers a smooth and soft saturation with no artifacts. The compressor and limiter are set to use variable attack and release times, so that they can process different types of signals.

FAT+ in this version is more of a tool than a final effect. But with FAT+ you can easily get unique results and a very natural, analog sounding saturation. FAT+’s console level control is a very convenient way to quickly and easily set a hard or soft saturation level of

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FAT+ is designed to simulate the transistors of your favorite analog console. The detailed user interface, the clean sound, the multiple types of saturation and the option to set each saturation to its own level and gain stage.
You can set the level of saturation of each channel or the whole mix and with the use of the saturation waveform you can set how the saturation effects the sound. FAT+ can be used to soften and even eliminate unwanted apexes of your signals.
FAT+ uses the effects plug-in page plus a number of additional effects on the last channel to calculate where saturation should occur.
FAT+ can work on 24-bit or 32-bit, using individual or dual 10-band equalizers with 48-400 Hz, 6-24 kHz frequency range.
The saturation section offers the most reliable and flexible saturation method known to man, the analog tube-based saturation of analogue tape. High quality digital emulation of the original analogue tube hardware is beyond any sceptic.
FAT+ offers a high quality emulation of the classic analogue console with all the virtual features that make analogue consoles so unique and precious. This includes tube saturation, stereo width widening, fast and slow saturation, soft and hard clipping, hard clipping, low frequency resonance, emulating the audio signal path and much more.
We are mostly interested in the voice of analog saturation and the original analog tape emulation. Therefore we turned off the multichannel compression built into FAT+ to save processing resources and turned the dry signal into tubes.
FAT+ is designed as a VST effect, and it can be used with all VST compatible audio plug-ins. It can also be loaded as a standalone application. FAT+ is available for Windows and Mac OS. FAT+
FAT+ Features:
Saturation: 2 different types of saturation, tube saturation and digital emulation of the original analogue console with its unique features.
4x oversampling internal
3x emulation of the audio signal path of the original analogue console
7mm engineered tube opamp
Colourful saturation waveform and EQ stage for each channel
FAT+ Specifications:
X-Ratio 18 dB with 0 to 80 dB steps
Gain Stages 19 dB – 40 dB with 8 dB steps
Saturation Steps 20 dB to 80 dB with 20 dB steps
Channels: 2 x 10-band equalizers and 48-400 Hz frequency range
Integrated compressor – FX loop
VB-Filter: 48-400 Hz with

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The Curvature Transfer function is an envelope fader, that in turn is divided into two slightly less resolution faders called the Vowel and Tissue. These faders are placed according to
a function connected to the gain that changes in accordance to the speed of your voice. This envelope fader controls two separate and independent waveforms- A Boost /Damp
Transfer and a Curvature Transfer.
– The Curvature Transfer is a tube, analog effect that under compression is created by the over saturation of the waveform around the apex and the creation of harmonic distortion along the frequency spectrum.
– The Vowel and Tissue ratio envelope faders let you choose to enhance or reduce the Curvature Transfer effect.
– Through the Vowel/Tissue ratio the Curvature Transfer can be completely replaced with a more natural effect such as the harmonic distortion which should be present in many
The Vox and Tissue ratio comes with an automated build in track advance and track rewind effect from which you can control the amount of the most natural Vox/Tissue
transfer or the amount of harmonic distortion in the peak of the curve.
The Vox/Tissue ratio also acts as a compressor / limiter and if you use the Curvature Transfer Boost effect to increase the dynamic range of the faders, you can use the
Vox/Tissue ratio to set the loudness of the entire track.
You can also go back and forth in the Vox/Tissue envelope fader from the soft to the harsh saturation style.
The Vox/Tissue ratio can be applied to either the upper or lower Curvature Transfer spectrum and in addition, the curves from the Vox/Tissue faders are
cross-processed to form a final volume curve. This volume curve can be applied to either the full spectrum Curvature Transfer area or to the Vowel or Tissue ratio
In order to achieve the best possible sound quality, the scale of the Curvature Transfer Transfer portion of the Vox/Tissue ratio is automated to both the
pitch of the gain level you set and the frequency of the curving function according to your music and the style of saturation you choose.
The Vox/Tissue ratio faders may be controlled through the menu or each track individually or through automation.
Saturation is a key instrument in a modern mix and if you apply it to the whole mix it could ruin

What’s New In?

FAT+ is a dedicated analog saturation device for the FF console, surround mixer, stereo pultubation system or live to tape, tape deck or tape workstation.
It simulates saturation of the analogue tape console output and gives the sound, its character, color and variation.
Works similar to an auto tape recorder and offers the possibility to save the settings and the flow back to the last saved points. FAT+ is limited in its abilities to simulate the individual tape machines and its behaviour can not be influenced. It’s effect is always analogue.
It is intended for usage on a digital multi or mono track processor but it can also be used with tape machines or anything that has an analogue output like spring reverb units, compressors, or delay units.
Compared with a traditional analogue saturation, FAT+ offers the possibility to manually set the amount of saturation and the style of saturation to a flexible range from clean sounding tube saturation to clean sounding and modern style emaculated saturation.
The most interesting feature of FAT+ is that it is fully controllable and can be varied on the fly, without any loss of precision or any reduction in fidelity.
It can be controlled with the left or right keys of the computer, the mixer, or the control surface.
Additionally, the FAT+ offers 4x internal oversampling. You could use FAT+ for an analog tape machine, which offers up to 32 mono tracks or a true 16 track analogue tape machine.

What is Fat Tapes?
Fat Tapes takes some of the best aspects of tape saturation, along with a unique and fully customisable algorithm. Unlike other saturation plugins on the market, Fat Tapes allows you to use either 32 or 16 track tape as your input. It offers a host of filter types, saturator types, and saturation algorithms. With countless possibilities, the software offers a true breakout instrument for film, TV, and home use.

Capacitor Generator The type of caps used in an EQ will influence the sound. Some will sound more open sounding than others.

Pots, Panning and ‘Hard Clipping’ Hard clipping

By preventing a waveform from ever reaching -0.5*Vrms (typically a type of saturation in most converters), the inaudible high and low points of a waveform (the peaks) are reduced.

Click on a link below to hear ‘Hard Clipping’ in action


Click on a link below to hear

System Requirements For FAT :

Requires 4.0 or later.
Requires 512 MB RAM.
128 MB VRAM recommended.
Internet connection required to access multiplayer.
HDTV recommended to view HD video.
Visit the Battlelog Help Center for troubleshooting tips.
Recent changes:
Added advanced jet control options
Added second-person view
Added options to disable cheats
Added option to cycle through different camera views
Added option to show or hide behind-the-back camera view
Added option to enable