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First of all, I hope you like my Tiger Fighter 1931 Sunset, Thank you very much for adding and checking the model, the details which I have not shown to you in my Tiger Fighter 1931 Sunset, I do not want to hide anything.
Please vote for this model to be added into the 10th Edition.
Finally, thank you to all those who love and read my model. I’ll update this model every month, a total of 20 models.
Thanks again.
All love,
蔡 王Q:

invert the colors of strings in a number format

Hi I am trying to ‘convert’ the string color ‘0,0,0’ to ‘7,7,7’.
I have tried the following code but is not working
df_test[‘ID_test’] = df_test.apply(lambda x: ‘7’ if x == ‘0,0,0’ else x)


Use str.strip():
df_test[‘ID_test’] = ‘7’+ df_test.ID_test.str.strip(‘0,0,0’)

0,0,0 => 7,7,7

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import android.util.Log;



Features Key:

  • Classic Racing Game : Color racing game with famous Ferrari cars.
  • Realistic & sharp car physics.
  • Easy control.
  • Exciting Racing of Ferrari cars with various tracks in different engine modes.
  • Significant lap times and an all-round car physics.
  • Dashboards and detailed statistics for each race.
  • Variety of cars with different engine models.
  • Racing with all drive modes.
    • Touring : High Top speed
    • Street : Low Top speed
    • Race : Top speed & handling
    • Sprint : High Top speed & handling
  • How to play

    • Auto acceleration & Brake are optional and you can start your car from sniped mode.
    • CASES OFF ON THE ROAD – Leave nothing to chance in car rallies, duels, drag races, and remote control races.
    • MULTIPLAYER REALISM – Plug in 3 friends & race them online.
    • TESLA MODELS – Garage Workshop for Tesla Model & other exotic cars.
    • CARGY GAME ADDITIONS – Track Builder, Cars, Modes, etc.
    • STATISTICS CARRY OVER – Car Past races, Lap Times etc
    • WHEN TO BREAK THE ICE – Take a break to relax and party with friends on the couch.
    • REPLAY TRAINING & MULTIPLAYER – Drop a friend into the game on your side.

    Above all don’t miss the New Ferrari cars : –

    Ferrari Dino 246


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    This content requires the base game The Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, and the expansionA New Flight to a New World.The invention relates generally to the field of fermentation and more specifically to the field of continuous wet-air fermentation. The invention relates to an improved method of continuously converting solid biomass containing simple sugars into alcohol-containing gaseous fermentation by-products.
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    Fantasy Grounds – Pathfinder(R) For Savage Worlds: Rise Of The Runelords! – Guide To Varisia Crack + Serial Number Full Torrent X64 [Latest] 2022

    Set in season: winter

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