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CosmicBreak Universal is a constantly evolving game. So, while we never stop working on the game, we sometimes have to make changes. Occasionally, we will release an item pack or a new character. This is the first time we’ve made a Starter Pack for the game in which all players will get a number of different items in different formats.
The Starter Pack includes ten bonus Garapon tickets: five Robo Garapon tickets and five SP Garapon tickets.
The Starter Pack includes a total of ten promotional pieces: five Steam Flags, five Steam Wings, five Steam Shields, five Vesper Gears, five Vesper Wings, and five Vesper Shields.
The Starter Pack also includes an assortment of items in both new and old package versions, making it a good value for a variety of players.
But, just like every other CosmicBreak item, it is limited in quantity.
You can find it in the in-game Shop, as well as in the Kickstarter Rewards section of the website.] Moreover, in this study the movement of a pelvis and a lower back can be simulated by the same parameter thus any effect of pelvis movement can be compensated by including the lower back as a virtual body.

As a conclusion, the position of a virtual body can be moved using additional sensor modules with gaze direction. The effects of the mass distribution and the initial position have been evaluated. The mass distribution has a negative influence on the performance. For the left or right mass only the situation of the first 10 seconds (that is after the onset of learning) showed a difference. Our findings emphasize the importance of the initial position in motor learning.

Conflict of Interest Statement

The authors declare that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest.

The authors would like to thank Yvonne Pohl and Jessica Kuzmann for their technical assistance. Furthermore, we thank Michael Oetter and Annette Ewigleben for their helpful comments. This work was supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within the research program for embodied cognitive science (FKZ 01GQ1002B).

[^1]: Edited by: *Antonio Fernández-Gonzalez, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain*

[^2]: Reviewed by: *Corrado Mazzoleni, University of Geneva,


Features Key:

  • New Main-Story Video and new character
  • New character gallery
  • New battle system
  • Ringing System
  • New Skills and Elements
  • 8 new Solus Cards in the Ring
  • New Full Graphics
  • Improved Duo Art


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The core of the game is the drift. All of your skills and reflexes will be tested under the pressure and challenge of difficult corners and a multi-tiered track at the highest speed of your vehicle. Be prepared to jump and compete on another level.
Dangerous Drive is the best arcade drift racing game available. Jump and compete on a multi-tiered track with strict rules. You must drift to the end in order to win.
Racing against friends, racing in multiplayer or racing in the single player mode: master all game types.
Compete in more than 50 unique track designs, all recreated in great detail.
Drive in real world, each vehicle represents its own class with its own physics and handling characteristics.

*** Play and win in multiplayer mode ***
Compete with your friends and show who’s the best driver in multiplayer mode!
We’ll have to drift each other to the other’s end.
Build up your reputation as the best driver in multiplayer mode and challenge online for victory.
*** Play and win in multi-level drift mode ***
Beat your friends in our online multiplayer mode and earn your place on the podium!
Start the drift, drift and drift again, all in the same race.
The more you drift in a drift race, the higher your drift time score will be.
Constructor Mode allows you to test your driving and vehicle handling skills in multiplayer mode.
The road you take, will define your name on the podium at the end of the race.
*** Play and win in multiplayer mode and multi-level drift mode ***
Compete with your friends in multiplayer mode or multi-level drift mode!
Win the race by driving to your rival’s end!
*** Race while creating new gameplay experience ***
Create your own tracks and share them with other players!
Choose your vehicle class, place your tires on the track, and let your drift take you to the finish line!
Compete, share and play online or offline with your friends!
*** Race while creating new gameplay experience ***
Compete in Racing mode and show your rivals who’s in charge!
Compete on an individual or multiplayer level.
Drive as


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I’m only really beginning to understand what game this is, but I already know that I enjoy it a lot. The play style works really well with me. I like the soundtrack and the lighting makes the mood dark enough that I can get immersed in the games atmosphere, I think that my only real criticism of the game would be that, for lack of a better word, the story is a bit generic. I mean, it’s a story about a murderer in a gloomy castle, and it has a lot of elements of “The Secret of Monkey Island”. It’s definitely original and it adds to the atmosphere of the game.

User reviews

WildSword 2.0 11.07.2016 08:01 I have now tried a few puzzles and the game is more fun than I thought it was going to be. It took me some time to get used to it. I love the game and it is highly recommended. 10/10 GameGuruPC Review Great graphics, good music and a level of difficulty that’s just right. 9/10 Nachtime Solution 7.10.2017 12:19 Very good game. A new trend in gaming, less violence. 8/10 Muratoshi15PC Game Review First of all I must say that this is my first time to play a game with people that have the same faith in the gamer of today. Because I was playing on the PC I had no idea what the graphics were like and was amazed when I saw how good they were for a game that isn’t an RPG. I only finished the game, but it was quite enjoyable, and I found it quite short. But it was a bit frustrating at times. Some of the doors were hard to open because I was just not using them right. Overall a pretty good game. 9/10 Joker HalkmansRecommend PC Game Great game, very fun, challenging, worth the 5 dollars you pay for the game. 9/10 Salt II

Dark Legend 1.0 1.07.2016 08:01 Excellent!!!
5/5 Game4U 3.04.2016 07:52 Amazing game, great game play and the audio is pretty good as well. Can’t wait for more content. Loved the story. If you like fps, this is for you. 9/10 10.04.2016 09:00 Aight, so theres alot to this game to share. the game itself is great, the story and graphics. While the controls are interesting to


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