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Microsoft Office SharePoint users who handle multiple document libraries or listings might be on the lookout for a solution that could allow them to integrate the Facebook “Like” button in such scenarios.
Facebook Like Field is an application that was developed in order to provide people with the means to add fully-functional Facebook “Like” buttons in their SharePoint listings or document libraries.
It will allow them to add columns to the said lists or document libraries, where a “Like” button is assigned to every corresponding list entry or document.
Featuring a straightforward installation process, the application offers a dedicated settings module where one can configure the characteristics of the “Like” button to the specified requirements. To this end, the developer advises users to refer to the Facebook Development guide, which can assist them in the process of customizing the buttons.
Facebook Like Field permits people to access three separate layouts for the “Like” buttons, two different color schemes, configurable fonts and several other options. In an attempt to facilitate the implementation of “Like” buttons for such items in Extranet scenarios, the utility will allow people to perform the “Like” assignment process without having write permissions.
Additionally, users have the choice of displaying the “Send” button and configuring the width of the profile images of those who have liked the selected content. Experienced users might be happy to know that Asynchronous AJAX loading is also supported by the application.







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After answering the setup wizard, a working instance of the application will appear in the browser. It will also be possible to assign the “Like” button to various content types in the specified lists or document libraries. There will be options that enable the configuration of the active and inactive states of the buttons, the number of columns in which the “Like” buttons will be displayed and the number of items that will be added to the user’s feed.
The names of the selected list items will be displayed in the comments box of the “Like” buttons; this will allow users to connect the “Like” button with specific content.
Users will be able to customize the display of the post within the application itself, which will enable them to preview the changes in real time. Data corruption will not occur when configuring the “Like” button to a large number of items.
The application includes a dedicated settings module, where a “Like” button will be visible to users on the fly. The configuration settings will include the option of customizing the width of the profiles in the “Like” buttons, the default profile image and the size of the “Like” button in any of the active columns.
Viewers will be able to customize the comment text in the posts, which will be visible within the application. Users will also be able to specify whether the default profile picture of a user will be shown before the comment text in the “Like” buttons.
Support for geolocation will enable the users of the “Like” button to associate the comments with a given geographic location.
The application is compatible with a wide range of browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and other browsers.
What is new in this release:
– User can now add an image to a like button.
– All the features of the app are now documented in the wiki.
– “Like” buttons are now displayed on the top navbar of the webpart instead of sharing tab.
– The “send” button can now be set to be invisible

– Fixed the issue which caused a 502 error

– The issues regarding deployment, which resulted in app not appearing in site collection could now be solved.


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“Facebook Like Field Full Crack is a SharePoint Extension with a powerful user interface that you can use to add a “Like” button to a document or list in a SharePoint 2010 environment.
An interesting feature is that it also offers users to customize a bunch of different configurations for “Like” buttons”
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People who are looking for a solution that could integrate customer comments and reviews in their SharePoint environment might want to take a look at the Comments 365 for SharePoint.
Comments 365 for SharePoint is an application that was developed to provide users with the means to collect and display custom comments on a specified SharePoint list or document library.
The tool comes with the features of My Sites, My Lists, and My Library columns as well as discussion threads and public comments.
Tasks related to the import and export of customer reviews and comments will be simplified by a prompt user interface. Additionally, people will be able to manage the status of a review in real time and can also view the reviews based on the various criteria such as item id, author or date.
Users who might be facing difficulties in implementing customer comments and reviews on their SharePoint websites will be happy to know that the Comments 365 for SharePoint solution provides them with various customization options.
People can customize the tool in order to create calendars that will display the uploaded comments on the specified SharePoint libraries, customize the appearance of the UI elements, and add/modify the relevant features.
Due to its comprehensive features, the application has earned a rating of 4 out of 5 points on Capterra.
Comments 365 for SharePoint Review:
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People who are interested in a SharePoint solution that could support custom fields in their lists might want to check out the ListSpark.
ListSpark is a SharePoint List Manager and application development tool that offers a set of essential features for interacting with Lists and the associated Data.
The utility can be used to upload and manage Office 2007/2010/2013 documents, customize Office documents with custom fields, manage the order of the documents in a specific library, create multi-user List view and personalize the look and feel of the Custom Lists.
Additionally, users can view, copy, paste, upload, export, edit, delete and add new items to the customized Lists, share and send e-mails with custom fields, print documents and lists, create and manage group and permission levels and use a wide array of filters to locate specific items.
People who want to learn more about how the utility can aid them in their daily tasks will find the following documentation and tutorials useful.
ListSpark Best Practices:
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What’s New In Facebook Like Field?

The application was installed via a convenient Add-In Manager inside Office 365.
This is a great way to get your custom SharePoint Add-In Management application,
offering much more than it would in SharePoint Online.

The current version of Facebook Like Field is 1.2.0


Office 365 Subscription: Office 365 E1 or higher

Add-In Manager: One of the following:

Add-In Manager for the SharePoint Online:

Add-In Manager for the SharePoint on-premises:

Available for Office 365 Shared and M365 by default, and always available in SharePoint Online.

Note: The authentication token should be read only permission.

Certificate Configure:

The certificate has been installed in the local store of the client machine. The computer is not joining a domain, but is running on a local server. A user is logged in with a user account in the “Local Intranet” zone of the browser.

Add-In Manager for SharePoint Online:

Install the application in Office 365 SharePoint Online by following the on-screen instructions.

After adding the application to a SharePoint List, you can see the application installed in the Add-In Manager page and the application listed in the Add-In Catalog. You can check the permissions and configurations to ensure that they are correct.

Add-In Manager for SharePoint on-premises:

Login to the Central Administration portal of the SharePoint on-premises by using the administrative credentials you specified during the installation.

Navigate to Add-Ins > Manage Add-ins.

Add the application to the list of installed applications.

Navigate to the application home page.

Configure the settings if you want to.

The runtime permissions can be checked by navigating to the Application Permissions link in the left navigation pane.

Note: It is critical to test the configuration when configuring the application.

Download and install the Facebook Like Field on the client machine.

Restart the client machine.


System Requirements:

Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 64-bit
OS X 10.7 or later
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU or equivalent
700 MB HD space
20 GB available space on the hard drive
Supported languages: English, Spanish, French, Russian
Controller: USB, Game Controller, Keyboard and Mouse support
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