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Relation between $T$-minimality and $T$-scaling

I’m studying a book of Collingwood’s and came across this definition of $T$-minimality, in which the authors say:

A theory is $T$-minimal iff it has no proper proper-class definable subset.

Then, I wondered what it means for a theory $T$ to have no proper proper-class definable subset: we have on one hand that a proper class definable subset would be the collection of all subsets definable in $T$, but we also have that if $X$ is the collection of all subsets of $\omega$, we can define a proper class definable subset $X$ in $T$ by the $\in$-relation $S_n\subseteq S_{n+1}$ for all $n\in\omega$.
Am I missing something, or is the definition not clear?


Let $T$ be a theory and let $X\subseteq\omega$ be

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Your regex should be /(slow+)/g. As you probably realize, that means that all your captures are going to be appended to the g flag. See the online demo.
If you have any problem with the regex, you can add the Java mode modifier, too (/g).
You have a real problem with new lines. If you want to treat these as one “line”, you can “strict” the pattern (sticky modifier) and use $, or (/m). But if you want to analyze each line separately, you need to use /s, with the multiline modifier.

Using your regex

you can try to match only the first line of the text and then grab all matches in the g flag (or a new group):
var line1 = text.match(/^(.*?)
var lines = text.match(/^(.*?)


Slide animation while not animation

I’m doing a quiz and i need to give a view a translation of 50px to the right while an image is being loaded but i would like to give it a slide animation.
The view had a translate animation(i dont know which one because i don’t know where the problem is), this was the translate animation:

And i also need to use the slide animation, i googled and did something like this:

but the result was animation, not just slide.
There is a question about this:
Slide Animation While Translate Animation?
But i cannot make it work
If anybody could help, or let me know where the problem is
Thank you


I solved it

If anybody could help, or let me know where the problem is

i had a class that was moving the view. This was the class
public class MoveViewClass extends Animation {
private int startX;
private int endX;
public MoveViewClass(Context context, int startX, int endX) {
this.startX = startX;
this.endX = endX;