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Electronic Devices And Circuits By Jb Gupta.epub LINK

Electronic Devices And Circuits By Jb Gupta.epub LINK


Electronic Devices And Circuits By Jb Gupta.epub

Jb Gupta Electronic Devices And Circuits.pdf
J. B. Gupta’s “Electronics and Communications Engineering”.  From Amazon .
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The traditional device-to-device (D2D) business model has not seen much popularity in the wireless telecom market due to the low data rate of mobile network in most of the areas.

Two-way D2D connections are usually limited to help data-hungry phones in the talk-time. In these cases, voice/data separation is necessary to cut down the high data rate in the D2D communications and thereby improve the network efficiency.

QoS requirements for D2D connections are different from those for the traditional IP data communications. For D2D connection, the main purpose is not to provide high quality data service to each other, but rather to improve the efficiency of the whole network. The number of D2D connections are normally limited in a cell area.

The network operator may be required to offer cheap data service to users in order to increase the contribution of the D2D service. On the other hand, the D2D service would not provide as much revenue as traditional IP data service, as the user data for D2D connection would be much lower than for IP data.

There are many examples that the D2D service does not make money for the network operator. The most obvious example is the D2D communication among user’s phones and devices. Before 2012, most mobile operators in China charged their users for 3G/WCDMA data service but did not charge for 3G voice service. While D2D service or application might be more common in the future, in the short term it is hard for D2D service to make money for operators.

The term “D2D” is more often used to describe device-to-device communication, which is more efficient than ad-hoc or peer-to-peer communication for wireless networks.

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