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EDM2014 Audio/Video Joiner and Merger is a simple piece of software which aims to provide you with the ability of quickly combining audio or video files into a single item, without requiring additional codecs to get the job done.
Intuitive and functional interface
Following a brief installation process, you can launch the program and choose the action you wish to perform from the main window.
As such, you can press on the ‘Join Audio / Video Files’ or the ‘Merge Audio / Video Files’ buttons, with the mention that the former consists of placing the files in sequence (or one after the other), while the latter enables you to superpose an audio file onto a video.
Choose the preferred operation and add your files
In order to ‘Join Audio / Video Files’, you need to load the items that you wish to process, either sounds or movies, but you need to make sure they are in the same format, otherwise you might encounter one of the several errors that EDM2014 Audio/Video Joiner and Merger is rather prone to displaying.
Next, you need to establish the output file name and location, then press the ‘Start’ button to proceed with the joining operation, on condition that everything goes well during the preliminary analysis of your files and the ‘Can do convert’ message is displayed in the log window. Otherwise, you need to determine the cause of the error by yourself, as EDM2014 Audio/Video Joiner and Merger offers no ‘Help’ material of any kind, to guide you in the right direction.
The ‘Merge Audio / Video Files’ function allows you to load a movie and the corresponding audio file, then you can opt for a preferred preset from the available ones. You also have the option of adjusting the name, destination folder, ‘Frequency’ and ‘Bitrate’ of the exported file, finally being able to press ‘Start’ to obtain your file.
Simple media merging tool
To conclude, EDM2014 Audio/Video Joiner and Merger is a handy albeit rather unstable application that is meant to assist you in piecing together songs or movies, with just a few mouse clicks.







EDM2014 Audio Video Joiner And Merger Crack+ License Keygen Free Download [Mac/Win]

EDM2014 Audio Video Joiner And Merger [Win/Mac]


EDM2014 Audio Video Joiner And Merger Crack

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System Requirements For EDM2014 Audio Video Joiner And Merger:

Windows Vista or later
OS X 10.7.4 or later
2GB free HDD space
A DirectX 10-compatible video card, preferably with at least 2GB VRAM
Supported By:
Last updated on Oct 9, 2014
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