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The big-mouthed and boastful Shwar lashed out at Aisha Modi with a flurry of insults.n Aisha Modi, according to Shwar, is sleeping with the wife of a prominent Ghanaian pastor.
“Shut up asshole!” Shvar raged. __________________________________________
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In 2011, a scandal erupted in Ghana over the service weapons used by the main player on the football battlefield between Trinidad and Tobago and Haiti. It was given to Private Geoffrey Goodchild for being shot at. According to the policeman, he was involved in restoring order during the riots, which began after the messenger of “humanity” of the Criminal Court released a service weapon into a trash can, and during a search Goodchild found cartridges.
Jeffrey also complained about how the law enforcement system uses him in such a way as to set him up: “Basically, this is similar to how we decorate our military bases. Policemen come to me and say: “We guys want to interrogate you here. It was about you in the newspapers that they wrote that you sleep with corpses. They constantly shove me: “Hey, you escaped from prison, right? You will be judged now, eh, bitch offal? And when I tell them that I was there, they say: “You had no choice when you went under the knife, bitch!” And when you say that it was an accident, they yell: “This is a vile deception!”.
One day, Jeffrey asked for a lawyer and asked him to testify before a commission investigating the circumstances of the incident. Jeffrey’s lawyer retracted this, stating that Jeffrey had “violated human rights”. Later, when Goodchailad graduated from college and worked in the police, he was called again. Now to testify before the inspector who “persecuted” him. The scandal lasted for more than a year, but in the end he appeared before the commission.
“First I was presented as a civil servant, then I was accused of bribery, and then I was accused of lying – they ate each other so sadly,” Goodchiles told his lawyer sadly. According to him, he was constantly “pressed” from everywhere and “hell knows how to get out.”
He was even fired from the police once after he refused to testify to the commission p