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Voicent CallCenterCRM Free Download (Final 2022) ➕

Voicent CallCenterCRM is a powerful application designed to handle the interactions between your customers and employees. It allows you to manage the contact information for multiple clients, to schedule call backs and to track the incoming calls or messages.
You can use this program for improving the communication with the customers or the prospects while running various sales campaigns.







Voicent CallCenterCRM Free Download

This Voicent Business Software CRM is a must have business tool for managing your contacts and managing all the important actions on them like:
create/update/delete contacts
create/update/delete properties for contacts
create/update/delete groups
create/update/delete filters for contacts
create/update/delete appointments
create/update/delete tasks for contacts
create/update/delete notes for contacts

Voicent CallCenterCRM Product Key free Download offers you to set up to five different contacts lists and choose between three different contacts application types (Organization, Full View or Mobile) for all contacts and to create more than 25 pre-installed filters. Voicent CallCenterCRM Features:
Voicent CRM’s free edition includes the following basic tools:
1. Get started
2. Make calls
3. Get contacts

Voicent CallCenterCRM Release date: 2013-12-04
Voicent CallCenterCRM Running time: 4862.00 MB
Voicent CallCenterCRM Activation key: fUJwuF2msLH
Voicent CallCenterCRM Support Dedicated URL:
Voicent CallCenterCRM license: Free. Open source. You can use Voicent CallCenterCRM to create an unlimited number of users.
Voicent CallCenterCRM Free download links:

Voicent CallCenterCRM User Guide:
Voicent CallCenterCRM Support Email:

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Voicent CallCenterCRM Crack +

A complete easy-to-use contact management software, Voicent CallCenterCRM makes managing your contacts and activity very simple.
You can access it from a web browser, or you can download it to your computer for on-the-fly deployment.
Voicent CallCenterCRM is multi-platform, for both Windows & Mac computers. It supports both import & export formats for easy integration with your existing CRM or ERP system.
Voicent CallCenterCRM can manage your contacts by specialty, for example, by industry, by phone numbers, by subjects, and even by links. Voicent CRM also has features like Phone Call Automation, Web dialer, Scheduling, Marketing etc.
The following are the major functionalities:
* Contact Management – You can create new contacts, import data from any sources and maintain multiple contacts. Voicent CRM comes with automated phone dialers to generate lists of numbers for your campaigns or lists of contacts to contact. You can send customized text messages to your contacts using the messaging feature. Voicent CRM also supports sending text, voice and video messages from within the program.
* Email Clients – Voicent CRM supports sending, receiving and tracking email messages, including managing attachments, metadata, and even moderating emails for specific people. You can even monitor your email activities from within the program.
* Desktop Dialers – You can create your own desktop call dialers in Voicent CRM. Using Voicent CRM’s desktop dialers you can select an individual, a list of individuals or a group of individuals. Voicent CRM works with the existing dialers on your computer. Voicent CRM is also supported by many popular dialers, like TeamViewer.
* Contacts/Note Cards – Voicent CRM allows you to save entire conversations in notecards or in voice memos. You can edit or delete the notecards. You can also make it a “follow-up notecard” or start a new conversation by triggering it from a phone call.
* View/Modify Contact’s Information – You can view or modify contact information right from the contact screen. For contacts who are newly added, you will see a “New” button right under their name, clicking which will let you view information about them. For contacts who are already on the database, click on the contact name and you will see a popup window with the information. From there you can search for further information.
* Staff Sched

What’s New In Voicent CallCenterCRM?

– Collate, track, manage and deliver customer information to your agents
-Gather, store, and respond to contacts
-Integrate with other systems to make the data useful
-Tracks contacts through the entire life cycle
-Broadcasts multiple messages at once
-Use push-to-talk features to communicate live
-Categorize, route and route incoming messages
-Change contact details at anytime and import contacts from multiple sources
-Send mass emails, text messages, and web pages
-Manage and track outbound and inbound calls
-Create and track reports from your data
-Analyze contact data and segment the contacts according to their needs
-Assign, delete and reassign contacts to agents
-View detailed call logs and tickets
-Send automatic emails with custom templates

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System Requirements For Voicent CallCenterCRM:

GOG Galaxy (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X)
High Definition Graphics Card
64 MB free disk space
Minimum 2 GB RAM
Minimum 500 MB available disk space
Recommended: 3 GB RAM
Note: For older versions of GOG Galaxy you will need to use the standalone tool
Installing Download and Run Unrar
Unzip the file in your GOG Galaxy folder.
Windows: go to Start > Programs > GOG Galaxy > gog_desktop_windows.exe