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Majalis Ul Momineen Pdf 15

Majalis Ul Momineen Pdf 15

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Majalis Ul Momineen Pdf 15

Momineen la Ajeeb

Al-Ameerul-Momineen Ali (as). If one claims that Imam Mahdi (as) is an Ismaili or a Shia, they are out of context and have no truth…
majalis ul momineen pdf 15

All text is the property of respective authors and respective publications and must not be copied without their permission. is a property of Walid F. Katib Al-Farra, registration# CH-74-6291-HZ-HCN and that is not the same as the registered publication.Calculating gas-phase photoelectron kinetic energies: from atoms to molecules.
For the problem of atomic photoionization the photoelectron yield of an isolated atom is evaluated from threshold to high kinetic energies by means of coupled equations of motion that include a continuum-continuum transition matrix. For comparison, the resulting spectra for strongly coupled systems are also calculated. The photoionization data for all states up to the first Lyman series are collected for the first time using a single theoretical approach. It is shown that many earlier results obtained from conventional line-shape calculations can be used without the need of physical (Lippincott, Jr.) or computational (Kuepper, Mang, Fabrikant, etc.) assumptions. Similarly, the results of some line-shape calculations for the first ionization potentials, especially for the first X2Sigma+ and A2Sigma+ states in He, H2, and N2, are improved, with the amount of improvement depending on the systems. Photoelectron kinetic energy distributions for the first ionization potentials of the atoms Ar, Kr, and Rn are calculated. Analysis of the angular distributions suggests that partial-wave expansion coefficients have been experimentally determined at every energy. For the N2 molecule the kinetic energy distribution is found to be well fitted by a double Gaussian, which is also proposed to characterize ionization of N2 clusters. As an experimental application, these photoionization cross sections can be used to measure the photoelectron energy, which is a new observable for nuclear or electronic collisions involving photoelectron energy measurements.Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest

Belgium has competed at the Eurovision Song Contest 37 times, beginning in with Renaat Cortes. Belgium has won the contest three times – with Cecile Brulé in ,

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The optimal modality for anticoagulation in postsurgical patients receiving long-term warfarin therapy for the prevention of thromboembolism is unknown. To compare the efficacy and safety of two warfarin dosing regimens, weight-based therapy versus target international normalized ratio (INR) with the C-INR, in a randomized, placebo-controlled trial in patients with previous deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or pulmonary embolism (PE). Eligible patients with previous DVT or PE took a 3-week warfarin loading dose followed by a continuous maintenance dose of warfarin adjusted to INR within a target range of 2 to 3.5 with weight-based (target weekly dose = 40 mg) or empiric (target C-INR = 2.0) dosing protocols. Study outcomes were major bleeding, minor bleeding, and overall thromboembolic and bleeding complications. In the warfarin group (n = 661), overall thromboembolic events occurred in 7.8% and major bleeding occurred in 1.5%. Major bleeding was significantly higher with empiric dosing (6.6% vs 1.0% with weight-based dosing; P