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“Super Crystal Hunter: Sketch Pack” or “Sketch Pack” includes a copy of the game “Super Crystal Hunter: Embedded in Time” and a batch of images of various characters that you’ll find throughout the adventure.
While the characters’ redcasting is prohibited by the developers, artists are allowed to reinterpret these images and even make some of their own reinterpretations! :)))
How to Use This Content:
Please extract the contents of this download into the folder where your game is installed.
​E-mail us on [email protected]:

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Turing Games is a user-friendly destination where players can buy, sell, trade, and win new game cards. Every item you purchase unlocks special features in Card Trader. Some items are full games, while others are game cards or game card scenarios. New items are added every month to Card Trader and our website.Q:

Overload multiple variable fields

I have a C# project in Visual Studio with Razor views. I need to be able to access some variables like so: @{;; }.
For this project, I don’t want to create a custom model binder, etc, just simple variables. Is there a way to do this?


this means that you are trying to access the property bar of your object “var”.
I’d recommend you to create a ViewModel instead of trying to use this kind of dynamic expression in your razor View.
If your problem is that you need to pass some value to your View, you should be using strongly-typed views:
@model ViewModels.MyViewModel

where your ViewModel would be declared like this:
public class MyViewModel
public Bar MyBaz { get; set; }
public Baz MyBaz { get; set; }

Your code behind would be as you are doing now:
public class HomeController : Controller
public ActionResult ShowMyViewModel()
var model = new MyViewModel


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  • Diogenes – De Nomis
    MMORPG art game of thoughts and feelings, which allows you to express your true thoughts. Exclusive features: Diogenes – Show your thoughts, wishes, dreams, fears and hidden desires. Use of 17 emotions – love, anxiety, fear, disgust, satisfaction, surprise, hate, laughter, joy, sadness, gratitude, jealousy, hate, love, pride and the most important thing – depression. Three types of emotions – overt, embodied, and the latent. Load hidden thoughts into Avatar suits. User invisibility. Home project-Diogenes
    Diogenes 2
  • SDK
  • Browser based browser game.
    [url=””]Building your own VR games with Mozilla[/url]
  • IDCard key
  • FML license
  • Browsers that can run WebVR, like Internet Explorer 11
  • Supports Oculus Rift DK1, DK2, DK2+


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KittyLand is a new land where the player can manage their land-breeders, rent cars, manage their characters, or visit the lab to breed new kittens. You can do everything and anything here! And you get to watch everyone do it too!
This was brought to you by the KittyFox Studios and Team KittyFox.Q:

Implementing a lazy property

Forgive me if this has already been asked.
I’m working on a library that requires a lazy property at design time (e.g. C#/.NET 4.0+) as I need to ensure that only one instance of a type is created per call.
The design being, if the type implements IDisposable, the class will read that implementation into itself and dispose it at the first attempted call to the property.
However it seems that the compiler will not allow this. From the Invalid Operation created class, it is obvious that a reference of type MyType needs to be returned, yet this is not possible with a lazy property. The following code will not compile:
public class MyType
private bool _disposed;
public static MyType Create()
return _lazyCreate(() => new MyType());
private static MyType _lazyCreate(Func constructor)
if (!_disposed)
_disposed = true;
return (MyType)constructor();
return null;
public MyType()
Console.WriteLine(“MyType() called”);
public MyType(string s)
Console.WriteLine(“MyType(string) called”);
public void Dispose()
Console.WriteLine(“Disposed called”);

The compiler then complains


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Below is a proof video showing the combat gameplay with the DLC”You can see the player fighting against all the enemy on the left side where all the enemy is coming from. The background is all removed but you can see the game screen well.
Game “funtoon’s world” – combat gameplay in 3D – You can see the player shoot down all the enemy in the very front and in the left side of the game screen. You can see the cockpit view of the player game.You can see how powerful the features in the game “Funtoon’s World” game play.
– Game features :
– Dogfight high battleship game
– Mission Mode Mission
– 3D Crew state animation
– The player can upgrade the ship in more than 4 levels.
– Army team has 8 different fighters from air and ground.
– The game “Funtoon’s World” mission include 6 fight scenes on the sea on three different map.
– The area of the game “Funtoon’s World” land is an open world 3D terrain.

Meet the galaxy’s most wanted criminal. Destroy the evidence, download the information and eliminate the almighty! Are you ready for a new challenge?Play the dark comedy shooter where you will try to do things as one of the most dangerous people to ever walk this planet. Hunt in a 3rd person view, shoot, combine and upgrade weapons, hack computers, hide in dark corners and fight for survival against hundreds of enemies.We’ve been working on this game for a while, and we’re proud to finally present it to you. We’ve been working on it for a long time and we’ve been already working for some time.
So now we have an open beta. We ask that you help us to test the game and give your valuable feedback to avoid any annoying bugs. Please report any bug or feature request on our bug tracker.

– Statement of license rights:
– No online requirement
– No DRM
– No other mandatory conditions for play
The games, the software and the documentation of the “Academic work” are subject to the laws of general copyright.
Below is a list of commercial related issues

Civil war rages in the United States. Meanwhile, in the middle of the ocean, a series of underwater terrorist attacks has been carried out, with the help of nuclear weapons that have been unleashed into the sea. The US military is aware of the casualties of the attacks,


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