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Use the “Switch Account” feature in the Facebook app.n Facebook provides a great feature whereby you can use two or more Facebook accounts. To do this, click on the highlighted rectangle in the upper right corner of your page. Choose “Settings” – “Account”. On the new page, select your account that you want to delete. Click “Clear” to delete the account. When the function is over, you will return to the account you just created. You don’t have to update it. In the future, you will be able to create new accounts and use them as and when the need arises.
Removing Facebook credentials
Reading this book would not be successful without helpful tips and troubleshooting tips, which provide guidance on how to use some useful tools in managing your social network data.
“It is important to know how to prevent the loss of important information, especially passwords and pointers in the friends list. Or, if you’re not very careful and don’t want to lose them, try to have a notebook with you and write down all your passwords or how you choose friends in it. If necessary, it can be so simple…
If you’re going to delete your Facebook account, be careful – it’s easy enough to figure out, it’s the easiest way to lose all your data. So if I tell you that you’ve lost your friends list, make sure all your friends are on your pages. If your friend lists aren’t on your profiles, they’re probably all there, but their location might not be readable. Keep logs, especially those related to contentious situations.
I believe that Facebook should be considered the primary tool for storing and tracking user data.”
I always try to get my friends to get to know me, even if I don’t have many friends. If this happens, I send ads “My name is Christina. I am beautiful, confident and smart. If you want me to be your friend, send me a short (about 18 characters per name line) and the best description of yourself. My email If we become friends, I promise that I will provide you with any information I can gather and will always be by your side!
I like Facebook, but I don’t like the fact that I don’t have any friends. Even though I know they exist, I can’t find them. How do you find them?