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cx_Freeze was specially built as an accessible set of scripts and modules for freezing Python scripts into executables. Even though they work using the same principle of py2exe and py2app, unlike these two tools, the suite is cross platform and should work on any platform that Python itself works on. Take note that the app creates a folder containing an executable along with the shared libraries it needs to run.
According to the developer, there are three different ways you can use the scripts, the simplest and most straightforward being to employ the actual the scripts provided within the archive. Then again, if you need to work with more complicated strings that may need embedding or extending, then the developer recommends you work directly with the classes and modules used internally by the program.
The third and last way you can take advantage of the tool is to create a distutils setup script or as it is dubbed in the standard convention. As you probably hinted, this option could come in handy if you need to work with extra options when you are freezing the program, for instance. This way, these options are saved within the script and saves you a lot of time and energy in the long run.









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cx_Freeze Free Download generates exe/dll files from source Python code, and I use it to generate a Python executable from a bunch of modules I have written.

You can find more details about the use, the alternatives, and the different ways to use it, its guide on the documentation page of the app. Please take into account that this tool is only for personal use, so you should not try it if you are, say, looking for a way to use the tool with your company’s software.


Pyinstaller might be what you are looking for. I’ve never used it and don’t really know much about it, but one of the guys at Pycon uploaded a video on Youtube that went through the basics.
Unfortunately, the video is in Portuguese and you really need someone to translate it. I just found this post of Stackoverflow that covers it (with pictures).
Hope this helps you.


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In essence, the tool is simply a collection of precompiled modules bundled together for you. It is composed of 150 modules where some are compatible with Windows and other with Mac OS X. On top of that, it also allows you to freeze standard Python modules, which you can use in your scripts or apps. Additionally, it works within various environments including Windows and Mac OS X.
The developer also prepared an online section for people who need to learn more about cx_Freeze, in case they need to get it right and put it to good use.


You can try cx_Freeze, it’s pretty easy to use. The site I linked has a nice python tutorial as well.

// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is dual licensed under the MIT and the University of Illinois Open
// Source Licenses. See LICENSE.TXT for details.


// template , class Pred = equal_to,
// class Alloc = allocator>>
// class unordered_multimap

// unordered_multimap(initializer_list il, size_type n, const hasher& hf, const key_equal& eql, const allocator_type& a);

#include “../../../NotConstructible.h”
#include “../../../test_compare.h”
#include “../../../test_hash.h”
#include “test_allocator.h”
#include “min_allocator.h”

int main()
typedef std::unordered_multimap

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* Run a python script and bundle it up.
* On windows you can also export a standalone executable file, file for windows.
* Do not depend on system python, everything is done manually.
* No dependencies, works on any python version (3, 2, 1+)
* Many options, use it like a normal setup script
* xpi compatible (ie: work with firefox)
* Freezes and installs libs with their imports (this means, to enable it, you just have to add some import statements)
* Can install a registry entry on Windows
* works on Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Mac (OSX 10.7+, 10.8+) and Linux (Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, Debian)In Vitro and In Vivo Anticancer Effects of Resveratrol in Human Breast Cancer.
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What’s New in the Cx_Freeze?

To check out the tool, visit the project’s official GitHub page.Q:

Zend HTML error when passing Doctrine to use class

I’m using Zend Framework I’m also using Doctrine 1.2.2.
I’m getting an error when trying to pass Doctrine to a Zend Form.
InvalidArgumentException: Missing argument 1 for Application\Controller\Controller::__construct(), called in /Library/WebServer/Documents/mysite/index.php on line 146 and defined

class Do extends AbstractActionController
public function __construct()
$this->bootstrap = $this->bootstrapGetMock(‘Application\Service\Form’);
$model = new Application\Entity\Employee();
$user = new Application\Entity\User();
$view = new ViewModel;
$this->view = $view;

$this->view->id = $model->getId();

System Requirements:

The game runs on Windows XP SP3 or later with DirectX 9.0c.
All supported video cards can be used with the game
There are some graphics settings available for you to adjust for best visual experience
For the best gaming experience we highly recommend you have a dedicated graphics card and a 64MB video card (for current AMD and NVIDIA video cards).
The game features a console mode which runs on low settings, reducing some of the graphical fidelity. We recommend that you play the console version in order to enjoy the game at its best!