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Chinese Dating – LoveBlox

Take this quiz, read the advice, and see how well you can match your personality and dating style to the rest of the world. (There’s also a bit of advice from 10 of our staff members on dating and dating sites.)

1. A: I’m pretty good at handling stressful situations.

B: I tend to get stressed out over things that others don’t.

2. A: I make it a point to smile all the time.

B: I usually get annoyed if you don’t make it a point to smile all the time.

3. A: I like being told what to do.

B: I like being told what to do.

4. A: I need my space and can be a little antisocial at times.

B: I need my space and can be a little antisocial at times.

5. A: I’m not big on surprises.

B: Surprise me!

6. A: I’m good at remembering faces.

B: I’m good at remembering faces.

7. A: I can’t stand cheesy pickup lines.

B: I love it when people try to pick me up with cheesy pickup lines.

8. A: I enjoy getting compliments.

B: I wouldn’t mind getting some compliments either.

9. A: I’m not great at talking about myself.

B: The only person who should talk about himself is himself.

10. A: I always try to be on top of things.

B: I’m usually really organized.

11. A: I’m good at assessing other people.

B: Other people’s lives are totally my business, and I’m the only one who really knows what I’m talking about.

12. A: I’m comfortable taking people where they want to go.

B: I’m probably uncomfortable with you taking me where I don’t want to go.

13. A: I have a good instinct about what others are feeling and what they want.

B: I’m usually good at being in tune with the feelings and desires of others.

14. A: I can get pretty passionate about things.

B: I usually lose my temper and things can get pretty heated.

15. A: I’m a pretty good listener.

B: I’m usually good at
1. Meet at a coffee shop.

When I was getting over a breakup and looking to pick up strangers, I went to a coffee shop and struck up a conversation with a girl who asked me, “Where are you going?” I replied, “I’m meeting a friend for coffee.” Her jaw literally dropped. After making awkward small talk about the weather, coffee drinks, and our jobs, she asked, “So, do you ever date?” I got nervous and had a conversation I’d rather forget, but she persisted. A few weeks later, we were on a date.

2. Share a drink.

If you are having a drink or maybe a meal with someone, get up and leave. As in, literally up and walk out. If you go out with someone, you should be the one to order food or drinks. Don’t let a bartender get you into a situation in which you don’t know how much to tip. Don’t let your date pick the food. Don’t put your drinks on the bar and then ask your date to get them. What you do with your hands while you are out should be your choice.

3. Speak up!

When I first started talking to people, I just sat quietly and listened. I figured I didn’t have much to say, so I used my natural calmness to put people at ease. It’s high time I realized that I actually had something of value to say, so I’ve been speaking up more. I talk about my job, my hobbies, and my interests, and then I’ll ask my date about theirs. I also find that when I relax and just have an enjoyable conversation, it can be much easier to flirt if I’m relaxed.

4. Know your personal boundaries.

If you are talking to someone you aren’t dating, you should know your personal boundaries. If you find yourself saying things that you shouldn’t have, you have to let the person know. Don’t ever blow a potential relationship by confusing a coworker or friend with another person you’re dating. You never know when you are being played, so set your boundaries clearly.

5. Be yourself.

There’s no point in trying to be someone you’re not. While I am not opposed to dressing up on the odd occasion, I refuse to act like I’m someone I’m not. I’m no super-confident, uber-confident-slut. I’m just a regular