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This guide is a do-over of everything I’ve written about dating, boiled down to the basics, so that you can use it to get that date, fall in love and maybe get married. If you are new to dating, start with this advice to get the most out of your first date. Accept the fact that you are going to have to move. If your date isn’t into meeting new people—or if you don’t feel like you have any new people to meet—you’re not going to make a relationship, dating or marriage happen. Take the time you need to make a bunch of connections in the communities around you. Make sure you’re up to speed about everyone you are considering meeting—an online dating site is no substitute for meeting in person, which is where dating and real relationships occur. If someone is into skydiving, it’s hard not to be interested when they come out and say they are a skydiver. Maintain your dignity. I had a friend who was in the bar, and I think I went to get a drink first. This girl walked in and I recognized her. She was sitting in a corner, and she was being very overly flirtatious with the bartender. She was just being a little too much. I still had to get my drink. So then, I bought my drink and walked over there. So when I sat down, I was near her. I can’t remember exactly what I said, but the words to the effect of, “You’re lucky, I just got a drink,” I probably said that. I said something like that, and she laughed and I tried to make a move on her. She had no idea. But she got a funny look on her face that I got to see, and I could tell she was a little hesitant. I was, too. I think I was a little too ambitious. I think I would have been better off just looking at her and making sure I get that first impression, instead of trying to chase her. But I really wanted to be bold with her, and I think that worked against me. I think maybe I should have been more reserved and more thinking before I acted. But, because I was a little drunk, I thought, hey, what the hell, I’ll be bold. So I got bold, but I was a little wrong. On the other hand, there’s someone who is athletic and loves to do sports. If you are into
In recent years, more and more of us are finding ourselves single—and either having difficulty finding love or cruelly taken advantage of by losers. That means we’re getting creative in our search for the right person. Yes, we need to know someone first and maybe have that first blind date to see if there’s chemistry. But we can’t let those first dates be a waste of time if there isn’t a connection. That’s why we’re pairing you with dating profilers who have a knack for good conversation. Why do we have these profiles? You, of course, will have to choose a match for yourself—and if you are genuinely interested, you’ll have to make an effort to find a match for yourself. (If you’re not in the market for a long-term relationship, you probably don’t need a list of 100 possible matches to choose from.) We’ll take a look at some of the profiles that have run in Salon from the past three months, along with their quirks and good, bad, and ugly habits. We’ll then pick out a couple of matches that sound interesting and give you some ideas for taking things to the next level. ‘The Narcissist’ Being a narcissist is no way to go about finding a mate. This person is insecure. They’re self-absorbed. They think the world revolves around their needs and demands. In short, they’re emotionally manipulative. You won’t want to date someone with this personality. But if you do, you need to understand narcissists are incredibly accomplished at playing the game—and often charming. You will likely come to learn some of this about your date over the course of the relationship. But narcissists like to pick people up in bars. This personality profile might seem like it fits a lot of men. In fact, the most common personality disordered narcissist is the borderline personality disorder (BPD) type. BPD is a mental illness, and most of the narcissists we are talking about here are men. Remember, though, a narcissist isn’t an all-American guy. In fact, they can be remarkably unstable—even violent. So, when you find yourself chatting away with a narcissist in a bar, keep the following in mind: Narcissists like to be the center of attention—not the periphery of attention. Narcissists get a rush from their self-image, so when they meet a person who truly admires them, they’re delighted